Group D: Disorders Associated with Medical Illness


Disorders Associated with Medical Illness looks into the lives of individuals with somatic symptom disorder, alcohol use disorder, and an instance of adjustment disorder vs. post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Disorders Associated with Medical Illness is broken down into three sections:


Somatic Symptom Disorder

This interview explores the psychological effects of chronic pain and how they can be managed using a combination of analgesic medication and psychotherapy. At one point in the course of this person’s somatic symptom disorder, he contemplates suicide and even prepares for an attempt. The profound psychological impact of chronic pain is discussed.


Alcohol Use Disorder

In this interview, an increase in alcohol use ignites a false sense of raised self-esteem. This can result in a total loss of control over drinking. Ultimately, severe and persistent alcohol use leads to devastating psychological and medical consequences, including death.


Adjustment Disorder VS. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

In this case, our interdisciplinary group cannot come to a consensus as to the most likely diagnosis. Several diagnoses are considered, and their various likelihoods, are weighed. The group settles on the partial consensus that adjustment disorder and post-traumatic stress disorders are most likely.

Run Time: 99 Minutes
Segments: 3
Year of Production: 2016-2019

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