Group C: Disorders Associated with Psychosis


Disorders Associated with Psychosis explores schizoaffective disorder, schizophrenia, and bipolar I disorder while examining the individuals’ psychotic symptoms that surround them.

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Disorders Associated with Psychosis examines the psychotic symptoms and diagnosis methods of patients with:


Schizoaffective Disorder

For this person, symptoms vary with a changing mood state. However, for a person with schizoaffective disorder, the psychotic symptoms are more persistent and occur even when the person’s mood fluctuations are absent. The difficulty of understanding the relationship between psychotic symptoms and changes in mood is highlighted in this interview.



Schizophrenia is well-known for its disabling symptoms. Despite frequent hallucinations and bizarre delusions, this person had a successful response to treatment, and now works and enjoys writing children’s books.


Bipolar I Disorder

Symptoms occurred in this person during the peak of a period of extreme emotional excitement. The interviewer explores an individual’s experience with their bipolar I disorder and how life events can influence the onset of emotional excitement, followed by mania and, ultimately, the appearance of psychosis.

Run Time: 96 Minutes
Segments: 3
Year of Production: 2016-2019

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